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We, John & Michelle, are trained and experienced yoga teachers with decades of safe practice.  Our videos are intended for yogis of all experience levels. We do not believe that a complete yoga practice requires postures and practices that are dangerous or excessively strenuous, and the videos on this site will reflect this approach.


However, we are not present as you practice and cannot see you and assess what you are experiencing, so there is no way we can be responsible for your safety during the practice.


We believe that if you follow our instructions carefully, and, more importantly, listen to the messages communicated by your own body, you will not have any problem.


If you are experiencing physical, mental or emotional pain in any posture or routine, simply stop and rest. Please let us know and we will offer suggestions to perform any postures safely and in comfort.


By pressing play on any of our videos, you hereby release John and Michelle from any and all liability.



John & Michelle

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