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We are pleased to offer an online "studio" experience for on-demand yoga classes (and more) for a monthly subscription.

Thank you for choosing to practice with us! Your monthly subscription includes unlimited on-demand access to new videos each week. Choose from 1-hour, 1 hour-15 minute and 1.5 hour yoga classes, along with guided meditations, special Savasana (relaxation) practices, Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing, short instructional videos on postures, mantra and chanting practices  and more! Our videos are designed to be “as true to the authentic live experience” as we can capture! 

"John and Michelle: I can open my heart and know my heart is safe. From the first class I took, I knew it was where I was meant to be. The loving environment in each and every class, enables me to open and feel yoga as it was meant to be. Thank you both for being such an important part of my life. Love you both so much...Blessings from my heart to yours... xoxo"

A Short Video Description of Our Classes
Enjoy a full-length yoga class with us!
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Enjoy a complimentary full-length yoga practice as a taste of what awaits you when you subscribe.  This is a slow and gentle 1 hour and 6 minute class suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner. The theme of the class invites "softening to open". Like a flower in bloom we are invited to meet the space available in the body during movement and stretching. A portion of this class includes postures on the knees.  If you have issues with your beautiful knees, you may want to fold your mat for extra comfort/padding, or have a blanket or cushion handy.  If you feel it is unsafe to practice on your knees, have a chair nearby and be creative with variations!  We take it slow, so you always have lots of time! Our practice concludes with a traditional chant to Tara, set to our own original melody. Enjoy! *If you are new to our practice please read the Disclaimer before pressing play.

"You have answered my unspoken selfish wish to continue with *your* classes (not just any yoga classes) by doing so online! What you do is very special and not only can your students here follow you but a wider audience will have access. It's not time for retirement just yet :) thank you!"

Tips for playing and watching videos on various devices!

  • When watching from a phone or tablet, make sure the "sleep" function is off to prevent being "perpetually suspended" in a posture! You may also want to silence your notifications! (NOTE: hooking up a mini speaker to your phone or tablet is a great way to enjoy a fuller and richer sound experience!)

  • When viewing from a desktop computer or compatible TV, it is best to use a set of speakers for the highest quality sound experience.

  • Make sure you have the latest browser installed (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari). If you are not sure, click on the "tips for signing in and viewing" link for help.

  • Video stalling or skipping? Click on the little wheel on the right side of the video's screen and choose a different video resolution size.

  • Om-ing along with us at the end of practice is highly encouraged! The sound of your own voice is very healing.

"You bring your beautiful energy, create a warm and nurturing environment that allows so many people the opportunity to learn & grow. Thank you."

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