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Yoga with John and Michelle - Online Classes
Our Yoga



Our Yoga Classes

Our yoga teaching practice is rather unique in that we co-teach all of our classes and have been doing so for over a decade now. As E-RYT Kripalu Hatha yoga teachers with thousands of hours of teaching experience we enjoy leading gentle, inspiring "all levels" yoga practices designed around themes related to the heart of yoga, on and off the mat. Each class blends conscious movement, meditation and pranayama (breath practices) and is enhanced with the soothing sounds of live instruments and chanting. 

Yoga with John and Michelle - Prairie Bliss
 “Join us for incredible yoga classes, events and workshops designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit.”

"I LOVE that you always seem to know what I need – and provide it. I LOVE that you bring everything to each class – always exploring and growing and so each class is fresh and vibrant. I LOVE the kindness and respect you show each other. I LOVE the resonant it’s like an ongoing OM..."

Our 30 second trailer
Yoga with John and Michelle - Relax

It has been our experience as yogis and studio owners that many turn to yoga seeking relief from stress, anxiety and all kinds of physical ailments.  Others come to simply enjoy the vitality inspired by intentional movement and practices for deep relaxation.  Still others desire to be part of a community of like-minded people committed to living fully awake in their lives.  No matter what calls you, we are honoured to be part of your journey and to invite you back to your natural state of being (i.e., calm, content, present and vital). 

Our Approach to Teaching

We are dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable environment for the exploration of yoga, meditation and other wellness practices. All of our classes are designed to inspire strength, balance, flexibility, vitality and relaxation, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.  Classes are beneficial for those living with chronic conditions, as well as those seeking to preserve health and well-being.

“We do not believe that one needs to include dangerous or difficult postures in order to experience the many profound benefits of yoga.”

Whether you are joining us in person, or viewing on-demand or live streamed video classes, you will be supported in exploring and working within your current limits and experiences and progressing at your own pace.  Our students regularly tell us how much they appreciate practicing in an encouraging environment that fosters self-awareness, compassion and freedom from self-judgement.

"I feel so blessed that you both came into my life and have helped me on my journey of self discovery and spiritual growth by simply being who you are, and also providing a beautiful space for yoga and wellness programs, and for meeting more beautiful souls."

Yoga With John and Michelle - Begin Any Time
“You can begin yoga any time. The practice meets you where you are, right now.”

It is by allowing time for the body to stretch, become stronger and more flexible at its own unique pace, that people truly come to experience the many benefits yoga has to offer. The “goal” or intention behind each practice is “awareness” – that is, your attention to how your body feels and responds as you practice. 

Yoga with John and Michelle - Meditation

Live on earth, for a limited time only...

This life is such a gift - so short, mysterious and precious.  How could we not want to experience and enjoy it to the fullest?  One of the ways we can extract the sweetest juices of life is by lovingly and compassionately caring for these magnificent bodies, minds and hearts.  This vessel that we live within is what allows us to practice and play together! And a well-rounded yoga practice is one of the best ways there is to support living a balanced, healthy life.

Yoga with John and Michelle - Savasana with live music

This Website

This site, and all its offerings, is part of our ongoing mission to create sacred spaces for healing and play (life can always use a little fun). As you explore, you will see that we offer a unique and diverse menu that includes online, live-streamed and in-person experiences of yoga, meditation, intentional music and authentic connections. We are pleased to be able to serve you wherever you are, and whenever you need a little "breather".

Yoga with John and Michelle - Japa Mala Making

Our Philosophy

As yogi partners, lovers and friends, we are dedicated to fostering respectful, loving and inclusive commUNITY spaces for the exploration of yoga and other practices that inspire well-being and transformation. It is our desire to create sacred containers that reflect who we are and who we can become and that represent the best in us as divinely human beings.

Michelle Coleman - Yoga with John and Michelle

Our Yoga

For us “yoga” is much more than a practice on the mat.  It is the infinite and varied expressions of devotion, reaching out to lovingly touch all of life.   And so it is our ongoing practice to discover the many ways we can step off the mat and experience the divine dance of life - breathing, relaxing, feeling, watching, allowing and letting go daily as we move with life. It is our ongoing practice to remain aware, grateful and fully present - body, mind and spirit - as we live our lives attending to loved ones, home, work, cooking, laundry, while playing music and while in conversation with someone new as we wait in line. We want to continue to surrender to this divine gift of life as a “meditation in motion”. And perhaps through being and living who we really are, we may also touch your heart and inspire you to the same.

Yoga with John and Michelle - Our Yoga

"As someone new to yoga, I have found each class extremely enjoyable. I appreciate how I am encouraged to move at my own pace and to always listen to and respect what my body needs. I thank you for making me - and so many others - feel completely at home! You have done an amazing service for so many!"

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