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Yoga with John and Michelle - Events


As “Ritual and Celebration Artists”, we are skilled in creating and hosting memorable, authentic experiences designed to re-connect us to our true selves, the wonder and joy of life, and to each other.


Contact us to have us come and host something special 
with your community!  
Yoga with John and Michelle - Japa Mala Making

"John and Michelle, thank you for creating an amazing experience and environment from which a deeper understanding of our minds and bodies can be possible - ultimate "tools" for intentional living, accessible to all."

Below is a list of our most popular offerings (with a few poster examples) 

CommUNITY Kirtan with John & Michelle and Friends (2 hr)

Join us for a blissful and ancient ecstatic practice of call-and-response chanting.  Accompanied by the sounds of beautiful live instruments, we will chant Sanskrit mantras, inviting them to penetrate deeply into our cells and hearts creating a miraculous vibrational massage. Chanting reveals our true nature, frees our minds from thought and reconnects us with our Source of Being.

Come and chant. Leave with a greater feeling of ease, joy, and aliveness. All are welcome.  No previous experience necessary.

~By Donation

"Last night's Kirtan was filled with amazing energy, love, peace, and joy. It was so perfect...the sound of voices and instruments brought forth energy that still resonates in my soul, and heals deeply. These moments are eternal. Namaste"

Kirtan By Donation Poster at PLY .jpg

Kirtan! Experience community meditation through chanting and sacred sound.


Join us for these vibrant afternoons of mantra and music. Beautiful instruments will be tuned and ready to join our voices in a heart-opening, ancient yogic practice of Kirtan (call-and-response chanting). 

During this practice you will be joyfully and skillfully held in a welcoming space where you will receive your own voice as a healing instrument as well as relax into the experience of absorbing the sonic medicine of shared voices and intentional sound. 

This is a Seva offering (i.e., selfless service). Together we will revitalize our world-weary hearts and extend our generosity in support of Saskatoon organizations who could use a little boost of love and kindness from our CommUNITY.

These by donation experiences are hosted by us (John & Michelle) and Brian Paul DG and Friends at the warm and welcoming Pure Living Yoga (Saskatoon) 527 Main St #4, Saskatoon. 

Tea will be served! Bring a mug and a cushion to sit on. Drop in and bring your family and friends. 

Offered on the second Saturday of each month 2:00 - 4:00 pm

December 9, 2023

January 13, 2024
February 10, 2024
March 9, 2024

April 13, 2024

May 11, 2024

PLY Kirtan FEB 11.2023 e-poster w details BW v1.jpg
Yoga with John and Michelle - Kirtan, Saskatoon
Yoga with John and Michelle - CommUNITY Kirtan SOMA Yoga, Nelson

Chanting & Chocolate Meditation with John & Michelle (1.5 - 2 hr)

Join us for a deliciously divine and blissful evening of music, call-and-response mantra chanting, meditation...and chocolate! Accompanied by live music, we will learn to chant healing mantras together (Kirtan), inviting the sounds to penetrate deeply into our cells and into our hearts creating a miraculous vibrational massage. We will indulge our senses in a meditation ceremony where we share a pure chocolate elixir (Cacao), also known for its heart-opening properties. Chanting, chocolate, and community are like a balm for the heart, filling each moment with love and connection. The effects of this practice can be felt for days as a greater 
sense of ease, joy and aliveness. No experience is necessary!

Yoga with John and Michelle - Chanting and Chocolate - Moose Jaw

Mala-Making & Japa Meditation Experience with John & Michelle (3-4 hr)

Join us for an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon as we explore the “Mala”-- its uses, history and mysticism. Through a beautiful ritual, you will create your very own Mala using 108 authentic Rudraksha seeds from Nepal, along with a choice of a decorative Guru bead. Rudraksha has many healing and transformational properties and opens the heart chakra. Part of the afternoon will be dedicated to learning the art and practice of Japa meditation using your new Mala. We will share in Japa practice using traditional and modern mantras, accompanied by the soothing sounds of traditional live musical instruments.

"Thank you! We both enjoyed the Mala workshop. My daughter has her mala close to her all the time. She kept saying over and over “this is just what I needed”. It was food for my soul to be able to share the experience with her...The workshop that you created was amazing. I never dreamed making a mala would be so cathartic..I am still in the energy. I just want to keep making them...I can't think of a more beautiful gift to share..."

Yoga with John and Michelle - Japa Mala Making, Joyful Yoga, Truro

Yoga for Couples with John & Michelle (2.5 hr)

Step into the temple of wonder and delight with your beloved. Inspired by the “Vijnana Bhairava Tantra”, experience a playful and gentle yoga practice with shared postures and fun rituals designed to inspire love, trust, devotion, communication and intimacy. All partnered couples are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary.

"My fiancé and I go to the couple’s yoga, it is one of our most favourite things to do together! It is truly a magical experience for any relationship, it brings us closer every time we go! Michelle and John are the best yoga instructors we have ever been to. They make us feel completely comfortable, and we always leave feeling incredibly peaceful."

"The Yoga for Couples offered by John and Michelle is a rich and profound journey into the heart of intimacy. We are brought into a safe and nurturing space in which we can explore yogic spiritual practices that are devoted to connect with the cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti. We highly recommend it for all couples who seek to deepen and enrich their relationship through the portal of Yoga."

Yoga with John and Michelle - Yoga For Couples

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing with John & Michelle (1.5 hr)

Many have requested a practice dedicated to savasana (lying down relaxation), and here it is! Dissolve into a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra practice accompanied by the soothing sounds of singing bowls, tones, drones, harps, strings, and voice.  As you rest comfortably, supported by cushions and blankets, you will be expertly guided into a deep state of meditation.

Yoga with John and Michelle - Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing

Winter Solstice Celebration with John & Michelle (2 hr)

Celebrate the journey from darkness to light with Yoga, chanting and seasonal rituals.  Throughout history, people have gathered at the time of the Winter Solstice to celebrate the crossing from the darkest days of the year into the light of the lengthening of days.  This has also been a time of setting intentions - stepping from the old into the new – and releasing what no longer serves us, in order to make space for fresh growth in our lives.

Yoga with John and Michelle - Winter SolsticeSC Winter Solstice

Sacred Sound - Sacred Silence:  1/2 Day (3 hr) or Full Day (6 hr) Retreat with John & Michelle

Join us for a day of tranquility and ease!  This retreat is designed to re-harmonize us with our True Self and our True Nature, as well as re-store our over stimulated nervous system through inviting deep release of accumulated stress. The Yogas of Sacred Sound and Silence will serve as the instruments for exploration and renewal.  The day will offer an intentionally potent blend of sound healing, meditation, silence, yoga nidra, mantra, gentle movement, listening and reflection.

Yoga with John and Michelle - Sacred Sound and Silence

Yoga, Reiki & Sound Healing with John & Michelle (2-3 hr)

Experience a practice that artfully blends the healing energies of Yoga, Reiki, and Sacred Sound accompanied by live music through drones, drums, sitar, koto, harmonium, harp, and singing bowls. We will move through gentle, slow flowing sequences of yoga postures to restore the body, open the chakras, and inspire the flow of prana. During relaxation you will be guided in a meditation that offers self-healing and Reiki.  

Yoga with John and Michelle - Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing
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